The best ice cream in Spring Hill, TN (2023 edition)

For those who don’t know me, I live here in Thompsons Station. I also happen to love ice cream. I’m constantly on the hunt for great ice cream spots around town, so I figured I’d compile a list of my favorite spots in Spring Hill for broader….consumption 🤣

1. Sweet CeCe’s

Located on the southern side of town (Crossing’s Blvd), Sweet CeCe‘s is part of a chain of stores located in Tennessee and elsewhere. It reminds me of Sweet Frog (a chain of fro-yo restaurants in the Northeast). Here, you will have a variety of flavor choices, and you can serve yourself whatever you want. You can also pick and choose the toppings. At the end, the cost ends up being the weight of whatever you choose.

Photo Sweet CeCe’s FB page

Sweet CeCe’s is a solid place, but I generally have two issues with premium frozen yogurt locations.

First, I end up spending a ton of money because I can’t control portions. Second, I find the quality of the frozen yogurt to be a bit too watered-down. I blame this on the machines and the fact that there’s a ton of flavors, not necessarily the people running the business. On the flipside, you have a TON of selection across the board. With all this being said, Sweet CeCe’s is a high-performer in both areas.

Google Rating: 4.2 Stars (82 reviews at the time of writing). You can check them out here. It looks like most of the negative reviews happened before a management changover.

2. Sonic (yes, seriously)

Ok here’s the deal. I really don’t want to include larger restaurant chains, but unfortunately, Spring Hill doesn’t have enough ice cream shops in town, so I have to include at least one chain. The Sonic location is based on the Maury county side. I am not a fan of Sonic’s food, but their ice cream is pretty solid for what you pay. For less than $4, I can get a Blast with a massive amount of ice cream, plus a topping. Just watch out for traffic in this part of town.

Google Rating: 4.2 Stars (almost 1000 reviews at the time of writing). You can read them here.

It doesn’t look like this, but it’s pretty solid

3. Andy’s Frozen Custard

Andy’s is my go-to spot in Spring Hill. It’s right in the center of town, so I’m constantly tempted to stop by. I’m not a huge frozen custard fan (I prefer plain old soft-serve), but a plain old waffle cone here is less than $4. They also sell Concretes, which is similar to a Dairy Queen Blizzard or the Sonic Blast mentioned earlier in the post.

Example Concrete

If I had to nit-pick Andys, it can get pretty busy, so you end up waiting a bit. If you go during off hours you won’t have any issues though. If you end up getting a concrete, those can get a little pricey as well, If you are a large family, the quick trip to the ice cream shop may add up in a hurry. With that being said, this is definitely the best custard spot in town (the location itself is quite cool, see below).

Outside of their location right off Main street.

They also have a drive through, which is great if you don’t wanna get the kids out of the car!

Google Rating: 4.6 Stars (over 800 reviews at the time of writing). Check them out here.

La Paleta Place (my favorite)

This place just opened and it’s my new favorite spot by a mile. It’s located smack in the middle of Spring Hill. They have water and milk based paletas (basically, epic popsicles made with real fruit), but they also have FANTASTIC hard serve ice cream in a variety of flavors. The waffle cones are fantastic too. I strongly recommend you visit this place.

Google Rating: 5 Stars (12 Reviews to date). Check them out here.

Other ice cream spots I’ve been meaning to check out

There’s a couple other spots in town that I haven’t checked out yet. I’ve mentioned them below:

  • Culver’s: located near Andys close to the center of Spring Hill. They sell frozen custard and I’ve heard that it’s good, but I think of Culver’s similarly to how I think about Sonic.
  • Baskin Robbins: also located right off Main Street. I haven’t been here because the Google reviews were middle of the road.
  • Whits Frozen Custard (located on the south side of town)

Another place worth checking out…

Finally, if you want to drive, I recommend visiting Paletas Tocumbo Gourmet. They have a location in Columbia and a location in Franklin. It has a very similar model to La Paleta Place. As for me, I will be staying local and visiting my new favorite spot in Spring Hill 🙂

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