What county is Spring Hill, TN in?

When I first moved to Spring Hill back in 2021, it took me FOREVER to figure out what county Spring Hill was based in. This seemingly simple question stumped me for many months. It’s far more confusing than you might think.

In the rest of this post, I’ll specifically show you how to determine if an address in Spring Hill, TN is located on Willliamson County side or Maury County side. If you’re thinking about moving to Williamson County, I compiled a list of all the cities/towns in the county for you.

Why should I care what county Spring Hill is based in?

The county you are based in has a huge impact on your property values, the school system you may send your children to, and more. If you are considering moving to Spring Hill, you NEED to know what county you are based in.

For example, Williamson County is one of the top school systems in the state of Tennessee. Maury County is not.

I’ve seen people on one side of a road be located in Williamson County, while another home on the other side of the road is based in Maury county. I remember talking to a real estate agent who said it can depend on where your mailbox is located.

I say this all to highlight that you need to do your homework! Don’t assume. Verify.

What parts of Spring Hill are in Williamson County?

There’s a few ways to determine if an address is based in Williamson County or Maury County. We pulled an image from the voting map to show you what parts of Spring Hill are located in Williamson county.

Basically, North of the Duplex Road

If you’d like to plugin a specific property and see where it’s based, I recommend visiting the GIS mapping tool to see specific information.

I find the easiest rule of thumb to identify the county is by finding the Duplex road and orienting yourself to it. If the property is on the North side, it’s most likely going to be Williamson County. If it’s on the South side, it’s most likely going to be in Maury County.

To add to the confusion, some parts on the South side of Duplex are in Williamson County. I mocked this up in the image below (please note – this is an approximation)

This is an approximate location! Make sure to consult the tax maps

What parts of Spring Hill are in Maury County?

Most areas South of the Duplex road are based in Maury County, TN. I’ve embedded this map from Google Maps which should provide a better understanding of where the Maury county property line is located.

Buying a Home in Spring Hill? Use the Assessor’s database to confirm the county too.

Here’s another tip. If you are considering purchasing a home and want to verify the county (at least for an existing address vs. a new home build), I recommend checking the assessor’s database to verify the county. You can do this with the links below:

In conclusion: make sure you know what county you live in!

I’ll leave you with a simple conclusion. Take some time to verify the county of a particular address in Spring Hill. If you need to, call the city to confirm. A five minute phone call can save you a ton of headaches.

If you are buying a new home, you CANNOT assume you know the county. Take some time to verify where you live 🙂

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