What cities and towns are in Williamson County, TN?

The internet doesn’t do a great job answering this question, so I decided to answer a seemingly simple question, especially for those considering moving to Middle Tennessee.

What cities and towns are located in Williamson County? In the rest of this post, I’ll spell this out clearly for you 🙂

Here’s a map of Williamson County to help!

First up, here’s a map of Williamson County, TN to give you a solid frame of reference for your exploration.

Okay, now that you can see what cities and towns are based in Williamson County, it’s time to list them below. I tried to group them by size to make it easier for you to explore.

Bigger cities in Williamson County

Let’s talk about the bigger cities first. If you’re thinking about moving to Middle TN, these are the most populous locations in Williamson County:

1. Franklin

First up, we have Franklin. Franklin is a popular spot with a nice downtown and solid schools throughout. It’s about 20-25 minutes south of Nashville.

Population (2020): 80,000+

2. Brentwood

Brentwood is definitely the most loaded city in Williamson County, perhaps all of Tennessee. There’s some huge houses here. It’s like a mini Beverly Hills. It’s about 15 to 20 minutes south of Nashville.

Population (2020): 41,000+

3. Spring Hill (part of it at least)

Next up, we have Spring Hill, at least the Northern part of the city. I spent a bit more time mapping out the county boundary in this post, as not all of Spring Hill is based in Williamson County. I live in this area and love it. Spring Hill is about 30 minutes south of Nashville.

Population (2020): 41,000+

4. Nolensville

We also have Nolensville. Similar to Spring Hill, Nolensville has grown from a small farm community to a city over the last decade or so. It’s located on the eastern side of Williamson County. Nolensville is about 30 minutes southeast of Nashville.

Population (2020): 9200+

Smaller Towns in Williamson County

Now let’s talk about the smaller towns based in Williamson County. There’s quite a few to choose from, which I’ve listed below:

  • Thompson’s Station – south of Franklin, but North of Spring Hill. I live here. It’s becoming more populated but there’s still a decent amount of rolling hills and beautiful scenery.
  • College Grove – located in between Franklin, Spring Hill, Nolensville, and Murffreesborough. More rural. Rolling hills. Lots of nice homes.
  • Arrington – close to College Grove. Home of Arrington Vineyards, which is a fun place to visit.
  • Fairview – still pretty small, but I expect Fairview will end up like Nolensville or Spring Hill in the future. It’s growing quickly and might have the lowest cost housing in WilCo. It’s also one of the towns that’s furthest away from Nashville.
  • Bethesda – near College Grove and Arrington
  • Peytonsville – I don’t even know if this is incorporated, but it’s near Bethesda
  • Kingfield – right next to Leiper’s Fork
  • Leiper’s Fork – pricey. Cute little town center. Rural. Beautiful. It’s where a lot of famous musicians live.

In conclusion

There’s several cities and towns in Williamson County, but if you are thinking about moving here, get the checkbook ready.

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